FAQ - Hurry Up Countdown Timer

Need Help?

Email Us at: support@answrly.com

What does it do?

It shows a countdown timer on your cart page. This can you increase conversions.

What is the coupon code for?

Occasionaly, we want to be able to track where installs have come from, we use different coupon codes to do so. If you install the app with a coupon code, you may get discounts or other deals.

Manual Installation Instructions

If you have installed the app, and it works, you are done!

If not you will need to manually install the app.

  1. Go to the <a href="https://shopify.com/admin/themes/current/?key=templates/theme.liquid">Theme File</a>
  2. Paste the below code directly above the </head> tag
<script src="https://cdn.answrly.com/hurry-up-countdown-timer/hurry-up-countdown-timer.js?shop=better-skip-cart-dev.myshopify.com"></script>
  1. Done!

My Timer isn't rendering, what do I do?

While 99% of the time your timer should be rendering perfectly, it's totally possible it may not be rendering on your computer.

First try viewing your store in another browser, see if it works then. It's possible you have an extension or adblocker that is preventing you from seeing your timer.

Also if you have a custom theme, it's possible the selectors aren't working. The cart selector and product selector is a piece of code that tells where to insert the timer. If you are familiar with css selectors you can update them to be able to insert the timer anywhere you want. If you need help with this please email us at support@answrly.com

What are the possible themes?

Currently there are two possible themes. The bar theme and the default theme.

Default Theme

default theme

Bar theme

bar theme

How do I install the bar theme?

  1. Change the timer text to something like The sale ends in {{time}} minutes. The important part is {{time}}, the actual clock time will be replaced there.
  2. Change the theme to bar. It's under Advanced Settings --> Theme
  3. Save your changes

How do I uninstall?

Click on the "Apps" page in the sidebar in shopify, and click on the uninstall button. Everything will uninstall automatically, there is nothing else you need to do.